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Ides of March Madness

Message of the day
Welcome to the Ides of March Madness picks contest.
Note:Each contestant can enter 2 brackets!!!

Get your brackets in by Thursday at 12:20pm.

Scoring is as follows:

  • 1st round games: 1 point each
  • 2nd round games: 2 points each
  • 3rd round games: 3 points each
  • 4th round games: 4 points each
  • Semifinals: 5 points each
  • Championship game: 10 points

Tiebreaker: "Riskiest picks"

Admin notices
62 of a maximum 100 brackets entered

Only group administrators see these notices.

Contest status
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Leaderboard after 52 games - See full standings
Colby Ranch153
Garrett Cole352
Carl Elliot452
Amy Baker551
hersh g650
Stephen Crandall #2749
hersh g2849
Della Blue949
Maury Baker1049

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