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NameE-mail addressFavorite revenge dating community schoolJerseyBrackets   http://foodintravel.it/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http%2525253a//foodintravel.it/pollo-al-curry-riso-basmati/ entered
Frank Allman   2
Maury Baker  North Carolina1
Amy Baker  Kentucky1
Matt BlandaNot shownNorth Carolina1
John CargillNot shownBYU2
Cleve Clancy Not shown 1
Krista Crandall South Carolina2
Stephen CrandallNot shownNC State2
Mike CrasherNot shown  1
Mary Crowley   2
Tobey DeLuca Not shownFlorida A&M2
Eddie DubnerNot shownNebraska1
Carl Elliot   2
Dinah Elliot NC State2
Lonnie GibsonNot shown  1
Phil Harrison  Syracuse1
Chris Hitman  Virginia Tech1
Matt Hooper   1
Kris KidwellNot shown  1
Lauren Lash   1
Kurt Locker North Carolina2
Lou MichaelsNot shown  0
Odds On   0
Doug Peartree   NC State1
Colby Ranch NC State1
John Roberts  Georgia1
Denise RogersNot shownNC State2
Risky Rowell   NC State2
Chris Staley   1
Demo User   PlayinWinner0
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True Dat Dawg
Jamies picks
Jamies picks
Basketball 2017
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